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ALL registrations must be made via Squadi. Make sure you select "Diggers Football Club Bundaberg" as your organisation. Those that played the 2023 season can log in as an "Exisiting Member". Any new players must create a new User Profile.


Please note: fees must be paid during the registration process either by Direct Debit or Credit/Debit Card. Fees can be paid in full or in instalments via Squadi. Please see below for more info on the instalment option **

*Those eligible for the QLD Government FairPlay vouchers must present their voucher number during registration process on Squadi. As vouchers must be presented during the registration process, and FairPlay Voucher Applications do not open until 24 January, some parents might like to secure a spot for their child between now and when they receive their voucher/s. If this applies to you please complete the form via the link here >

**Fee Instalment Option: You can now select pay in instalments on squadi. It will take a percentage now (just under 50%) and will then take the rest in 5 instalments - once a month until June. If you sign up after 14 Feb you will pay the initial payment plus the first instalment, after 14 March you will pay the initial payment plus the first 2 instalments, etc.

For more info on Fees, Training Days and our Come and Try Day, check out our website

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