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On Friday night George and his family received some great news from the Oncologist - the biopsy results showed a low grade level one tumour - meaning no chemo or radiation required!

The Neurology team are happy with George’s post operation MRI but will continue monitoring him and will for the near future.


  • The Physio team will start on Monday to get George up and learning to walk again.

  • Speech therapist started a few days ago.

  • Occupational Therapy will aid in his everyday abilities.

  • Hospital school teacher is also starting Monday.

  • George still has a nurse rostered on him 24/7 to monitor his progress, but everything is looking very good at the moment and he is hopefully getting moved to the rehab ward next week so another step closer to coming home!

If you’d like to support George in his recovery you can donate to the fundraiser >

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