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In Australia, almost 4 million people have some form of hearing loss. This continues to grow as our population ages.

The best interventions for hearing loss are early interventions, no matter how old you are.

If you or someone you know is worried about hearing loss, make sure you see Alan and the team at AIM Hearing for any hearing concerns. AIM HEARING is a 100% Bundaberg owned Full Hearing Solutions Clinic offering;

  • Accredited to provide Pensioner fully and partially subsidised Hearing Aids under the Federal Government's Hearing Services Program

  • Private Clients welcome

  • Hearing Aid Prescription, fitting, counselling

  • Pre-Employment / Drivers / Divers hearing tests

  • Comprehensive hearing tests

  • Tinnitus assistance

  • TV Streaming devices / Assisted Listening Devices

  • Hearing Protection

  • Custom hearing protection / Communication devices

  • Swim Plugs

For more information check out their website >

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