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Less than 2 weeks ago, George Young came down to tell our Senior Coach that unfortunately he would not be playing this year due to dizziness, balance issues and headaches. The following day George went for an MRI to see if Doctors could identify the problem, they discovered a 5cm tumour at the back of George’s brain, creating a blockage causing the issues. George was flown to Brisbane via Air Ambulance for immediate surgery, however had to wait nearly a week after testing positive to COVID-19. On Friday, George underwent a 8 hour surgery to remove the tumour, which was successful. George is now recovering well while he waits up to 2 weeks for the biopsy of the tumour. Either way the road to recovery for George and his family will be a long one, George and his mother, Cathy, also have been caring for Cathy’s mother after she suffered a heart attack last year - so everything has been incredibly difficult for the family.

A friend of the family has set up a GoFundMe page to help support George’s recovery, with Diggers contributing to this fund. Diggers hopes that other members will get behind and support this wonderful family and hopefully see George back playing the game he loves soon!

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